dinsdag 22 mei 2007

The flu... it got us

It started last week. Coughing and sniffing. My oldest son got the flu, infected his brother and now dad is having it too. 50% of this household is down with the flu. Only the ladies and the baby are "up and running". Alexa has to - she has a science exam later today if I am correct. She is learning and learning...sometimes I really feel sorry for her. But what I really do hope is that the exam will be a breeze today; she has done her best for it

The hat...
It is knitted out of a left over ball Trekking XXL. It is so cute and flexible, and it suits Wietse's head. LOL! It truely comes in handy to knit for babies when you have one around... This hat is not for him though - it will be shipped to Canada, to a friend of mine, who ordered it. In every way I like it!

I had to hunt for it online this time - with so many people sick in the house it is hard to get out and get some. I ordered some nice sock yarns at Wolhallaand when it arrives I will start a pair for my husband first. His socks are a challenge, as the toe will be shaped according to his feet - so not standard. Then I will have plenty of time to knit for my sock pal as well - her socks have to be shipped by the end of July. I will also send out my SP10's parcel this week - the only thing I have to get is a box to ship out...LOL! So that is a trip to the post office first to get a decent one.

Also on my to do list:
Get some blue buttons for Wietse's sweater!
Start packing things I don't use in the kitchen as that needs to be cleared by the 31st - the housing company is building in a new kitchen that day.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry your family is down with the flu. Hope that no one else gets it!

    What a cute hat! It is nice to have a wee one to make darling projects for! :)

  2. Hope everyone at your house is feeling better by now!