zaterdag 19 mei 2007

My goals for this summer

Though I have a lack of inspiration at the moment I hope to...
- design a few sweaters for my youngest son
- knit and design at least a pair of socks for everyone in my family, plus a pair for my Sock pal (so that is seven pairs)
- design a pair of mittens for a Mittens newsletter that comes out in August
- knit a couple of items for a fair in Canada, a challenge given by a friend of mine
- draw an emerald castle
- and write a few stories.

Skeins Her Way has a contest running, in which she asks to post knitting goals for the coming summer. As inspiration had left me for a while I started a plain sweater for Wietse in blue - and in the coming week I have to buy some buttons for it. Tomorrow we'll visit my parents, as it is my mom's birthday. For her I have printed out some cross stitch patterns (free downloads at as she loves to work in cross stitch. Still, a plain knit gives me something to do and also provides me time to think of something new, challenging. Which reminds me... I am going on a sock yarn hunt this week!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Those sound like some good goals! Can't wait to see them progress! :)

  2. Designing. You are very good at it. I'll go over and make some contest goals too!

  3. Great goals list! Thanks for joining in our contest fun- best of luck!
    Happy knitting-