maandag 18 februari 2008

Two sweaters

Originally uploaded by bianca_b
The two sweaters are ordered knits. One came ready yesterday and the other one last week. I still have one to go in this series, but the yarn is giving me the frustration blues. I have to start that one over again - ah well - we'll manage. I am glad that these two are ready though!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty. I like that first one best. I hope the third one works out this next try!

  2. Oh Bianca

    I love the cowl neck on the one sweater. How was it patterned? Looks simple and I like that

  3. Beautiful.

    But most important !

    Happy birthday !

  4. Happy Birthday birthday girl!

    You are a pisces like Allison. I hope your day is wonderful, peaceful and involves a treat! Have your best year ever.