dinsdag 26 februari 2008

Update, contests and .....

First I want to thank my friends who left a comment to congratulate me with my birthday, last Thursday. It was a pleasant day, celebrated in the small circle of my family. Relaxed is the best word to use.

I entered a few contests....Spinningdaydreams has a contest to celebrate one year of spinning and knitwonpurltoo is bored and tries to wave away the winter blah's with a contest.

I am working on a sweater still. It goes way too slow. The yarn I am working with is Phildar Reliefs - nylon. With the bobbles in the yarn you have to pay attention with every stitch you make, and as the sweater is knit in one piece I sometimes fall asleep, as these bobbles - and the constant counting take out the speed in knitting. But... I'll make it - am almost halfway!

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  1. I entered the contest and said you sent me. I love her dog thursday posts. :)