donderdag 11 oktober 2007


While surfing I stumbled upon an online magazine for spinners. It reminded me of the fact that I had some pencil roving and a drop spindle in my cupboard. I started to play with it... never had tried it before in my life. I never knew that it could be so relaxing. LOL! Maybe it will be the start of a new hobby.... and after some playing time I got this...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your handspun looks amazing! It is so addicting, so watch out! lol.

    Hope this finds you feeling well and laughing often!

  2. Wow bianca that looks very good, my first spun was very thick and not that great looking so very well done for you with big aplause!!! :-) And yes it's addictive so be warned but....ehm.i'm afraid it's too late now you're hooked....

    Ok so now going for a spinning wheel i guess???

    take care
    valeria :)

  3. Great, another spindler born!
    The good thing is you can always carry your work with you, and between each and every chore there can be a few moments to spin.
    The bad thing: another time consuming addiction...

  4. You are a total natural! I'm glad you get so much peace from spinning on a spindle. :)