maandag 8 oktober 2007

Show... don't tell...

Did you know that there are some lovely designs to be found when you follow this link?
Scheepjeswol Patterns

No? I printed out the October pattern!!! Some day I'll knit that one!

And did you know that there is a contest going on in which you can win some delicious yarn? No?
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I have been tagged...
Gullklumpasked me to play along in this one...and these are the rules
1. Link to the one who has tagged you.
2. Tell 7 truths about yourself-something funny\different
3. Tagg 7people in the end of the blog
4. Leave a message in there blog and tell them they have been tagged

ok... 7 truths about me:
1. I have a morning temper. A serious one actually and I'd rather start my days in a relaxed-as-possible way.
2. I am learning a dialect. Every day I am watching a two minute show, called Grunnegers
Click here for a fun course in Groninger Dialect
3. I am a pattern dreamer. I love to design clothing. In the early days I knitted and did not write my patterns down... if I had done it, I would have had notebooks full. Since I started to write them down, people also ask me to share designs. One negative point though, when a pattern is in my head I can't start something new until the pattern is written.
4. I can't spin. I hope to learn how to one day
5. I recently dyed my first skein of yarn, with berries. It turned out in a beautiful pink colour. Am doing it again soon...
6. I love to write poetry from time to time.
7. I am dreaming to own my own yarn store one day.

Tagged are:
Hard to tag more people... most of my friends are already tagged.

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