woensdag 17 oktober 2007

My secret Pal asked

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My secret pal asked me in a personal note if we celebrated Halloween here. The answer is no, actually. Halloween started to appear here in our area around ten years ago, but it never gained popularity. Halloween is only used by the large garden centers to give workshops in pumpkin carving. Some people show pumpkins in front of their doorsteps... but that is it. Not more, nothing less.

Kids going from door to door for tricks or treats are also rarely seen. I can't blame them...it is absolutely not safe to go out in the dark anymore. And my children never cared for it, I guess - my teens are too grown up for it, and the youngest way too young.

What we do celebrate is Sinterklaas. In November - this year on the 17th Sinterklaas arrives in our country. That is the time excitement begins for children from age 0 to 100 LOL! Secret preparations are made for surprise gifts that are shared with the family on Pakjesavond (December 5) After that day we focus on Advent and Christmas, but without Santa Claus. Be honest... it is not fun to celebrate the same celebration twice in one month. :-)

Did you know, by the way that Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Amsterdam, as well as New York? Dutch emigrants took the tradition of Sinterklaas with them to the United States. However... it was actually a commercial designer, working for Coca Cola, who gave Saint Nicholas his jolly image. He couldn't work with the old images of a monk dressed in brown, and a staff in his hands to make the beverage popular... and that is how Santa Claus got his new wardrobe. In World War II however soldiers from the US and Canada took Santa with them to Europe, and that is how we are nowadays having an option... celebrating Sinterklaas at December 5th, or on Christmas Day.

I'd prefer the first though, as Christmas in my opinion is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus. According to my daughter (this happened when she was three...she is now seventeen); "When someone celebrates his birthday, he should receive a birthday cake. Jesus should have one too..." And that is how a part of our Christmas tradition grew: we go to church, and then celebrate further at home with a festive dinner, and a birthday cake!

Gee.... are there things on the needles?
Yep... I am working on the front of the cardigan, and as small (takeaway project) I am working on socks that I designed. Picks will follow soon!

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  1. we have cake and balloons for Jesus. tirzah thought He needed them too, when she was 3.

  2. My family also has a birthday cake for Jesus each year as part of our Christmas traditions. I found you through Ravelry and am enjoying looking around your blog.

  3. nice stories!
    maybe my package will arrive in time for Sinterclaus to deliver it to you!
    blessings, :L, laura