zaterdag 12 april 2008

Slippers for Wietse

A little yarn eater with cold feet... hard to imagine. He is pulling his socks out. So I went out of my knitting blues state and grabbed the needles to knit him a small pair of slippers, using CPY Panda Wool in the colour Misty Greens. He likes them thus far... but if he will keep them on his feet???

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute. I hope he keeps them on to keep his feet warmed.

  2. I think , he won't keep them on his feets.
    I've seen it so many times at my children, and yes my mother has told that I was a like. When I was feeling hot as a child, I only got the relief by taking my socks of.
    And the same continnues so far.
    And seem my children has heritaged me in this matter.

    You should see me walking in wintertime only shoes ( no socks) and bare handed. ( yes I do have a hat although) in minus 15 to 20 deg.

    Beautiful pattern and color.

    Have a peacefull and sunny sunday.

  3. OH Panda wool. New to me! His little green covered foot is adorable. I want to pull the sock off, smell his little toes and say STINKY STINKY so he laughs. Or better yet, what my dad would say P-U!

  4. What sweet little feet! Cute slippers! :)

  5. Oh, I just love baby feet. I could just kiss them up.

    Thanks for entering my contest. Fingers crossed and good luck.