vrijdag 18 januari 2008


Kathy wrote in a comment:
That is a great image in my head. Now let's see it . Show us the baby on your lap, and you knitting away! I wondered how you kept knitting with baby !

Here you go. Steven made the photo as Wietse was asleep. On my lap, under the blanket. The green stuff I have in my hands is a new sock - preview:

It is a sock in Panda Wool, in the colour Misty Green. The pattern will be released in Clipper Knit Works issue 3.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great photo!

    And the sock looks great, too!

    Susan at CPY

  2. Oh I love that photo. Thanks for humoring me. It is so sweet and will be a treasure for you someday, I hope.

    thank you thank you

  3. So cute how he just lounges on you. At least your hands are free!

    You are right about knitted grass, no pollen and no sneezing. I'm only sad that our snow melted before it even touched the ground, but we are supposed to get a bit more next week. YAY! Right now though we are in with the dry freezing weather. Abby and I just took a long run and my nose and ears are frozen now. Guess I need to knit a warmer hat!