vrijdag 25 januari 2008

Chocolate Swap Question

What is the most 'random' memory you have from your childhood? I know it's not knitting content, but I love learning about the little quirks and interesting things about people!

I guess this would be the fruit gummy sweets my grandma used to have with the tea. All her grandchildren loved to eat them, and I was no exception.

Second: her cat! My grandma's cat - Goofy - was kept indoors and went nuts - people always had to watch out for her. Goofy once bit me in my heel as I moved my feet and I did not know she was lying under my seat. LOL! And then the cat had to run, as my grandma tried to hit her with a broom. On the other hand she spoiled her cat by feeding chicken. One day the cat sneeked out and stayed away for a week - her way to loose weight. Both the cat, and my grandma are gone - the cat died of old age in 1990 and my grandma passed away in 1995.

On to finish the toy for my swap partner - there is a lot of work to be done on that one...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck getting it finished! Its lovely to have such good memories of childhood. Even if they are of a cat biting your heel!

  2. Oh this is your anonymous cocoa swapper by the way!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my "TNNA & AKD" post. I wish you could come to a TNNA show too! Keep designing and maybe one day it could be a business trip for you!