dinsdag 18 december 2007

My Christmas songs top-5

The Christmas fever is grabbing me...LOL! I digged up my Christmas CD's. But now I am curious; what Christmas music are you listening to? The same stuff that you hear on the radio? Do you have a Christmas CD that you particularly like? Here is my list that could directly be added to the "Wrong Hour"!

Here is my top 5:

1. A Christmas Songbook - Jim Reeves.
It is a classic, but for me - if it was a record, ít would be cracking :-) Recommended are: Teach me how to pray (track 5), Silent Night (track 11) and The Merry Christmas Polka (track 9)

2. Christmas Album - Slim Whitman
My dad used to play the record every Christmas. Amazing.
I am cherishing Joy to the World and Joybells are Ringing

3. Here we come-a caroling - Ray Conniff's Singers
This album just makes a person happy!

4. Winterträume - Claudia Jung
This lady sings in four languages!It is one of my personal favourites since the moment that I bought this album. Recommended: Petit Papa Noel, Stille Nacht

5. Kerstfeestliederen - Urker Mannenkoor "Crescendo".
A Dutch album titled Christmas Songs, sang by the Men's Choir "Crescendo".
My personal favourites are for sure: Ere zij God and Nu zijt wellekome.

Share your top 5 in your blog with us!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hmm.
    You'll find on of my favorites on my blog.. ( Sting)

  2. Okay. I'll post my fav. five soon. !

  3. hi! I will try to remember to add my top five to my blog. I am a huge holiday music fan, being a musician and singer myself, and i will be hard pressed to choose only five! Maybe I can choose one song from each genre - classical, a capella, etc.

    Hope you had a great holiday; hope your son is healing. Have a knitterly New Year!