donderdag 19 oktober 2006

No mint baby yarn...

I can't believe it. I received an order to knit a baby set in mint, for a friend of mine, who's daughter is expecting a little girl in November. I have been looking everywhere in the region, for mint and found just two 50 gram skeins. One is enough to make a hat and a pair of socks, but for the baby sweater I definitely need some more. (photo of hat and socks will follow - I can't find my cable to connect the camera to the computer at the moment)

At the moment the colours for babies are apricot, yellow, blue and mint. Ah well... I think I'll combine then.

But the pattern I designed is looking so cute - I think I will knit a set of hat and socks for my baby soon too - I think the light yellow will be nice for it. Have to get it this weekend before it runs out as well!

This weekend we'll be offline for a while - my husband is going to reorganize the computer - he is planning to buy a new version of Windows, as the old one is acting up badly. So knitting time for me for sure!

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  1. You know I might have some mint in my stash but I don't think that I could get it there fast enough.