zaterdag 12 juni 2010


We have been working on pulling up our ADSL speed recently. With a computer and a laptop hanging on a network and sharing internet, speed slowed down. Making a phone call was hardly possible... so we asked the provider if it was possible to speed things up.

Yes... was the answer. But you need to receive a new modem. Fine by us... and 3 weeks later the provider bumped up our speed. No modem though. And last Wednesday the modem got fried. He gave up... no phone, no internet. Alexa stressed completely - she needs internet for her schoolwork. Alas...
 I called and the provider did help out... the next day another modem was brought and installed.

On the knitting front: not much news. I am spending time in our back yard, trying to grow some vegetables. Time consuming... but hopefully with a nice result.

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  1. We depend so heavily on computers that it is horrible when they crash or when something is wrong with them. I'm glad customer service was able to help you. *hugs* :)