dinsdag 5 juni 2007

My sock pal must be curious

...and I sure can imagine that. Still I am not entirely finished knitting her sock. Though I designed the pattern, the pattern drives me nuts, even with the use of stitch markers. It is the xxxth time that I had to frog it, but I think some patience is still in order to finish that one. Ugh.

I am glad though that the renovations are done. Yesterday the central heating system was renewed at my neighbour's house. They chose not to renew the kitchen.

My husband decided to take the month of June off from work. He has an exam coming up next week and wants to prepare for that instead. At his work things are going bad, more and more people are looking for work in other places as the full timers have to go. Sad actually.

I also am thinking over about what to send my pal for her third package in the SP10. I might make her a music cd with some Dutch music on it. I am glad though that the patterns arrived and are enjoyed. :-) In every way I am compiling for her and for my bottle swap pal... so much fun to do!


Kids are always fun! Hanging upside down is my 11 year old son Jouke. In the middle is Wietse, he was smiling against the mobile phone my daughter had in her hands. She made these photos. On the last photo are my two oldest sons, with their friends, this photo is taken on the playing area behind our house.

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  1. Oh thank you for putting me on your reads list of blogs. Your children and friends are a joy to see. I too am so consumed with my swappal's package. I am having a ball. I am in a Garden themed swap with another knitter from the usa. SHe is far from me near Mobile alabama. If you ever want to swap, Iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb blog runs quaint little successful swaps.

    Anyone in your neck of the woods good at arranging swaps?

  2. Okay, one more thing. IM so sorry but how would i say your name when I refer to you at my house. Can you spell it phonetically? I say your name as Brie-ear. Im sure that is wrong

  3. It was wonderful to see all your boys!

    Your sock pal must be excited to have you design their sock! How cool is that? :)