maandag 15 mei 2006

Small question for my Finnish friends...

What is the Finnish word for Sunday?

I picked up the other days of the week out of several Finnish blogs, though I dare not try to pronounce them...hehehe

Here they are:

Maanantai - Maandag - Monday
Tiistai - Dinsdag - Tuesday
Keskiviikko - Woensdag - Wednesday
Torstai - Donderdag - Thursday
Perjantai - Vrijdag - Friday
Lauantai - Zaterdag - Saturday

Sunday is the only one missing. :-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Was going to help you out put somebody did it before me... ;)
    But Finland is bilingual state, so the next step is to check the weekdays in Swedish! (Though, Swedish should be much easier for you, since it's probably from the same language family.)