maandag 16 juni 2014

Time for an update

Two bags hanging near the Dutch flag. On Thursday son Steven graduated, and on Friday son Jouke got the news that he passed his exams too. Time has flown by in the past couple of months - and work is picking up in a nice way. I have been working on several projects. Some I can show, some I can't show yet. Among them: a Dutch website with knitting and crocheting as main goals, to bring these crafts back to attention of people. Beginner's courses, experience courses, sometimes a book review... you name it. I am writing since May for that blog again, and it is fun.
I did not blog yet about these - a pair of double-thumb gloves in motifs of the Vlaardingen Gansey. These are promised to Stella, the author of the Dutch Fisherman's Ganseys book. A museum tour is attached to it, as quite a few museums in our country picked it up to display all the different Ganseys. I am looking forward to a tiny exhibition next week in Gouda, and my next project for the second book in this series. Piecework Knitting Traditions is reviewing the book in its coming issue!

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