maandag 18 november 2013

Almost a month...

Almost a month has passed.
In this month a lot has happened. My father in law got sick and passed away on November 10. Just ten days before his 84th birthday. His body gave up and he was in terrible pains in the last hours of his life. On the image you can see my parents in law together with my daughter. His funeral was on the 16th. In that month we have spent as much time as possible with him and my mother in law. (we had to travel more than 200 km to get there, and back) His passing was for him a relief of pain, and in his faith he wanted to go to the Lord. For my mother in law a new period is going to start, as she has to pick up her life without her husband and loved one. They were married for over 57 years, blessed with children and grandchildren.
Today, it is my son's 20th birthday. He has grown into a fine young man. On the image visible with his two younger brothers, photo taken in the summer of 2012 And I am at the moment afraid of my email inbox. Yesterday I decided to make a pattern free for a while, in order to support a good cause. A Dutch diving club is organising a marathon and in order to collect money for the good cause, they were asking people to knit Christmas ornaments or softies for the good cause. Someone linked to my pattern... and that is how things started. Minty got viral. I don't know how, as I released the coupon code in just that group only, but people all over the world are downloading the pattern, using the code. And it can be found now in the Download top 10. Until now 350, from New Zealand to Sibera, and from Alaska and Canada to our tiny little country... So. Minty would love some friends. Be nice, and knit one for a child in need, somewhere on this planet. Support a good cause, tiny or large with a hand made octopus. Use the code MintyFree, until Dec 31, and make a child smile! Share your talents!

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