maandag 18 februari 2013

Time flies...

De Kast - een teken van leven. Beautiful song! Time flies... and hard. Sun is shining here, and freezing temperatures promised for the coming week. Yesterday we celebrated my uncle's 77th birthday. Quite some family gathered there to celebrate along - Wietse counted 26 people. And a dog - a Dalmatian. The dog is my cousin's but he is deaf - and what had proven to be dangerous too.He tried to bite two people and Wietse wisely stayed out of his way. Three items were posted out yesterday as well - the Fisherman's Gansey and matching socks and hat for a Dutch book project. As projects on the go, I have a shawl and a scarf on the needles - as well as a shawl hanging on the crochet hook. In the coming month I have to prepare for two workshops that I will be giving in Nieuwegein, on March 29 and 30 Watch out for Interweave Knitting Traditions, which will be due at the beginning of March... hahaha! And there is another pattern coming in Yarnwise too. I'll be preparing the house this week, as we have a birthday to celebrate on Thursday... (mine, I'm afraid. According to Wietse I'll be old.)

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