vrijdag 30 november 2012

Yarnwise 55 and Plans for a Lace Book

This beauty is going to be found in issue 55 of Yarnwise. ~!~ I did knit this shawl before in pink, but that one disappeared after the downfall of All Craft Media. I am still trying to get that shawl home. :( ~!~ And... we - a group of talented Ravelers and I - are working on a lace book. The first knitting projects have been sent out. It will be a mega project. I have gotten an enormous response from people who are willing to knit samples, sponsors of yarn and people cheering us in this. If we get things and funds in order, I hope to present the book in the fall of 2013. We had a kickstart thus far. Donations to cover some of the costs are welcome at the paypal account that was opened for this project - the address: ClipperKnitWorks@gmail.com

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