donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Inspiration Shawl

Sneek preview this week on Facebook and Twitter; image borrowed from Yarnwise. A quick knit, this shawl; it took me just 3 days to reknit this shawl. There is another story attached to it, which I am not willing to tell. But the inspiration for this shawl came exactly 1 year ago. Johan and I visited a concert of De Kast in Rotterdam - we had a super evening. One month later, we had the chance to visit again in Vlaardingen. Again, a super concert, performed by super artists. After the concert they took the time to sign cd's and have a talk with anyone. It felt as we were talking to good friends. At the beginning of this month, I ordered the CD Dreamflecht yn de tiid. Completely sung in the Frisian language. My goodness, if it was a record, it would have been grey already. That is all I am going to say; you just have to listen to it. * tip: especially the song: Op 'e fyts - it gives me a light and happy feeling. No doubt... more designs coming out soon from me!

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