zondag 2 september 2012

Where did last month go?

Weird... I noticed it has been over a month that I posted. Absolutely not me, I'm sorry. Summer vacation ended for Wietse on August 20 and we had an awful lot of rain, plus one enormous hot day on August 19. Wietse has a new teacher, and half of last year's group moved to a higher group. We directly got back into swing of therapy again: physical therapy is now sure that we have to continue at least until Christmas vacation - though improvement has been made on many territories. Also logopedic lessons are part of our routine again. Exercises for the tongue this week. And new are swimming lessons on Wednesdays. We have had two lessons thus far and he loves it. For the older kids school started last week - two have to cycle almost a full hour to get to school. New and exciting things... For me things are still hectic with all these schedules, plans etc. Have to juggle through I guess. I am trying to catch up my work at home... cleaning and ironing is necessary. When I have a spare moment, I am crocheting a bit and knitting a bit. Not much to show yet though... I'll close my note for now with a song from Johnny Cash - try to click with your tongue on the rhythm of the clock - absolutely not the easiest thing to do, but a good training.

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  1. very interesting workout for the tongue.....therapists are so good at creativity!!!