donderdag 7 juni 2012


Mom, can you take your phone with you to school, and make a photo of my drawing? This one was made Monday, and he had been drawing together with Yiran. Earlier this morning I found another drawing from Wietse on the chalk board. He likes it, so it seems. This afternoon I have spent at school - not that it was my turn to be there, but one of the mothers fell out sick. We traded. She is taking my turn in two weeks. Normally one mother will supervise the computer lessons, and one is supervising technique, but today we both had technique lessons. I had six children building a high crane out of wooden connecting blocks, bolts, rings, wheels etc. Very interesting, and some stunning results. Guess what... thank you Gemeente Lansingerland - for creating a zebra and a school zone warning! It has made the crossing a little bit safer!

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  1. LOve it! ! Glad to read a post from you Bianca!!!
    you have an artist in the making!