woensdag 29 februari 2012

Weird weeks

that is what you get when your life is turned upside-down. The two oldest boys are more at home than at school (this week they do have Spring break), and I wonder how they will pass their exams in May this year. And with the youngest I am going to therapy twice per week - logopedic lessons on Wednesdays, and physio on Fridays. Add to that a couple of birthdays and your picture for the coming time is pretty complete :-)

For tomorrow I have some garden work planned - a few bushes that did not survive winter needs to be removed. They expect freezing temperatures again next week... I love touches of winter.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. We just get used to the kids being gone. and they return and tumble it all up again....it is all good, but busy eh?

  2. Heel herkenbaar; twijfel en onzekerheid en zoveel te doen in zo'n korte tijd. Neem op tijd pauze! Ook al is daar misschien géén tijd voor..
    Pubers zijn een klasse apart, maar wel ontzettend leuk. (af en toe, hihi).