dinsdag 8 november 2011

Pau!l - 5-11-2011

I found this fragment on Youtube. Arne and Carlos, known in The Netherlands for their book Kerstballen breien (knit Christmas ornaments) were guests in Pau!l. Norwegian singer Maria Mena was there too.

I was asked to come and help cast on 450x + knit the first 3 rounds of Christmas ornaments, a job that was done in 3 hours of time. Together with 20 others we helped Marja ( she imports and represents Järbro yarn from Sweden to our country) After this we were guests in the show - all placed in a group on the third row in the middle of the studio.

The camera captured me quite often (visible mostly in the down left corner)... and we sure had a lot of fun!


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  1. How fun Bianca. That's so many to cast on though!!!! I'm getting in to the holiday spirit for knitting that is for sure. I hope to knit up some cowl gifts.