woensdag 24 augustus 2011


Let me introduce you to Minty

Minty is Sunny's little brother. Sunny wanted to stay home, as he loves to sit on his corner on our television. Minty wanted to travel instead. So he went all the way to a friendly lady in the USA, who adored him. She and her team made this photo

And later today Minty will be available as pattern through KnitCircus.com - you can find him in the magazine sitting on the piano on pages 106-107. The pattern is part of KnitCircus issue 15 Fall collection ($7.99 for the entire collection).

Minty's travels did not end there - in the coming time Minty will travel along with the KnitCircus Trunk show, visiting LYS'es in the US.

Edited to add: KnitCircus is also hosting a give-away: I am not playing along... but sure hope you will win!

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