vrijdag 3 juni 2011

You never guess what I have been doing...

Sorry... no photo with this post...

Yesterday was a day off for many people. Hemelvaartdag is a Christian holiday, on which we remember that Jesus was taken up to Heaven. Read the Bible for the entire story :-)

Still... what have I been doing?

I have put out my Hifa sockyarn (Swedish yarn, purchased at Nordic Wool) and started a toe-up sock.

Yep... you are reading it right, I started a toe-up sock. The problems I usually encounter is not the toe, but the heel in toe-up socks. I have been puzzling a bit and decided that a regular yo-yo heel would work best - although not with yo's but with back loops for a better result with less holes. (this after frogging the heel three or four times)

To my surprise this method is quick! Or is it the big needle size?

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  1. LOve big needles socks!!!! You will succeed! Cant wait to see them