donderdag 24 maart 2011

Pompom and a pair of socks

Meet Pompom. He visited our home on Monday, as he had a problem. So many children were playing with him, and talking to him, that his nose almost fell into pieces.

 Now that sure is sad, and the teacher asked me if I was able to repair his nose. I am not a puppet doctor though, but I tried. Oh my, his nose sure was in a miserable condition. I had to make him a new one! That same morning, he went back to school, as a class full with children were eagerly waiting for him.

The socks - quite something, but they are finally done. Baroque, done in purple Malabrigo. Enormous, the twisting involved in this pair.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I think this makes you an ear nose and throat doctor!!! THese are very important operations!

    The twisted socks are a are much more ambitious than I

  2. Bij jullie ook een Pompom? Sam is er gek op! Hij ziet er nog tiptop uit, dus ik denk niet dat daar al een neustransplantatie nodig is ;)
    Leuke sokken ook, grappig patroontje waardoor ze niet saai zijn om te breien!