maandag 21 februari 2011

I always try to find some time....

... to speak to the sky and tell Him how I feel...

I was at Hyves earlier this afternoon, and on my Hyves page I have linked towards a Youtube music file of The Seekers - the song is called "Speak to the Sky" Hyves can be compared to  Facebook in this case for Dutch speaking people.
Wietse came  and sat down on my lap...asking me to play the song. After that one, a true lullaby: Morningtown Ride... he laid down his head on my shoulder and fell sound asleep.

He slept for two hours on the couch...

Absolutely a wonderful way to spend my birthday! Especially with this lovely weather we had - cold, freezing lightly, blue skies and the sun. (for family we are going to celebrate together on March 13 - combining Johan's  and my birthday together)

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  1. oh Happy Birthday dear Bianca... I have to go find that music and listen to it now! HOpe it is your best knit year yet!