donderdag 4 maart 2010

Here comes: the first sunrays of Spring

and I love it! Yesterday DH had the day off - we went for an early vote.
I had the chance to do some shopping for Wietse's birthday ( on the 20th); usually when you like something and wait until the birthday is here - it is gone completely.

In the afternoon, DH, Wietse and I spent some time at IKEA. A red chair was not what we were looking for in particular - but we purchased it because Wietse grew out of his table chair.

This weekend I finished one sock of the pair that I am working on. The second has to wait a tiny bit, as I am currently working on a shawl. Ordered knit. LOL!

Early this morning we went grocery shopping. Lemonade and apples were the things we were hunting for. YUM! It is so relaxing to get some sun in the early morning...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I always tell my kids that sometimes you get something you didn't know you wanted but you did ! This equals your red chair. When will we see the boy in the chair?????

  2. Red chair sounds like a good gift and the spring sun even better. Sounds like you had a good day