donderdag 5 november 2009

A Youtube gem

One of my favourite songs, from Bobby Bare!
It was by accident actually that I found this one. Alexa and I were talking about Bonnie and Clyde; from that point we "landed" on Merle Haggard, who once sang a song called "The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde". I searched for it on Youtube, but found another song... and you know Youtube: it links from one song to the other.

I have been searching for a nice picture of my father, to hang on the wall in our house. In a personal message I told Kathy about the wanted-poster that my dad once gave me. It was actually a prank of his colleagues when my dad retired. He gave them one day,(two posters) and they have been in the cupboard until the move. I have cut off the wanted part, and framed the image. Strange... it has been two months now that he passed away and I honestly miss him.

On the knitting front: I have to prepare a package for a swap, and one to Kathy, which I will send out next week.The waiting is for Alexa's blanket - she is crocheting it, and almost done.
So the one to Kathy will be a combined one - she'll know when she gets it...LOL! It is raining at the moment; and that makes the leaves that have fallen down in the past couple of days one big slippery mess.

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