zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

An Awesome Package


My final package in Secret Pal 14 arrived. It came right in time to our old address, as we are moving to our new house next week. Anneli from Finland surprised me with a beautiful package! Beautiful yarns, chocolate, Marianne sweets - these are absolutely delicous! Anneli is a bookbinder and she made me a notebook. And more beautiful and handy things! Thank you so much Anneli!
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  1. Bianca

    I love the angel suncatcher. BUt, the little hand that is the needles guage checker is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Do you know where she purchased it?

  2. Secret Pal 14 writing: I purchased the little gauge checker at a Finnish webstore: Neuleunelmia. It is a Succaploci - product and it is made of recycled material.