zondag 3 mei 2009

A trip abroad

Last Monday (April 27th) we took a trip. Just for fun we decided to drive over the A 12 (Interstate from The Hague to Arnhem and Oberhausen in Germany) The moment that we passed the border DH said that we were going to visit Cologne - Köln in German. So our trip continued by taking the German A 3 and A 4.

It is a beautiful city. We have traveled through Cologne in 1999/2000 when we took a trip by train to Helmbrechts. No time to visit the inner city, but there we had to transfer trains. Last Monday though we parked our car in one of the many parking garages and walked to discover the beautiful Altstadt.

Two photos from the Dom, the beautiful cathedral that can be seen near the river Rhine. The picture below is taken in the cathedral, which can be visited :-) There is a lot to be seen; glass in lead windows telling Biblical and historical stories, statues of saints, as well as graves of famous people in the history of Cologne.

Some people were earning some money...as living statue. The soldier had gold paint on his face... he was really good in standing still.

I wonder if the J.H. Becker is far away family....LOL! My uncle and my brother both have the same initials...

The gate must have been a part of a castle or something... we saw it on our way to the Neumarkt.

And of course... the tram!

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