zaterdag 14 maart 2009

A Thank you, and a pair of socks

Joy's socks were frogged and redone as I did not like the cable. They came ready on the 12th. I like how they turned out, and have another pair to cast on for her.

Thank you to Joan ( The package from her February contest arrived on Thursday as well. In it I found three strings of wonderful yarn which I will use with a lot of pleasure. And I also found two sets of 4" DPN's, plus a green cable needle. I never had my needles that short, so I will try them out for sure. And accompanied was a post card, showing the isle where Joan was born. It is a place we hope to visit one day in the future.
Again, Joan, thank you so much!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love Joy's socks. What pattern did you use?

    Looks like Joan sent a great gift. Enjoy! ooooh, I love the 4 inch dpns....not so much clutter sticking around.

  2. Great yarn package. I love the purples.

    I cannot imagine using such short DPN's. Wont all the stitches fall off???? I'd be afraid.......

  3. I use the dpns for making the finger for gloves, And you are welcome, I hope you can knit up something neat with the yarn....

  4. Cute socks! I love how they came out. What an awesome prize package. I know everything will knit up beautifully.

  5. The socks look great! What a super package of stuff. It is always nice to get new yarns to try. :)