maandag 15 december 2008

A free weekend

Johan was free from work this weekend, and that is rare. We spent most of the Saturday shopping though - as Steven needed a pair of shoes. Jouke on the other hand had to know where his school is situated, as the school is moving to a new location. We did that first, before we went to Zoetermeer.

The inner city of Zoetermeer was pretty crowded - but we succeeded into buying shoes. Then we went on to Reeuwijk, to buy groceries. The boys were amazed what we had to buy - for just a week's worth of food...LOL! Well... shopping groceries for six people is not something that you do easily.

But they had fun, and so did we... and we closed our shopping spree with a visit to the Chinese restaurant. Johan and I went for a walk to get the food... and I ended up with a sore toe, as a blister appeared and broke.

The evening was spent watching tv - two episodes of Stargate Atlantis on DVD (series 4)

Sunday was also spent in a relaxing way. We watched another two episodes of Stargate Atlantis...
And the only knitting that I did? A few rows on the sock yarn blanket!

Kelli received her socks on Friday, by the way. She is extremely happy with her seven pairs :-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh good. I knew she had to love them, you did such a beautiful job....but it's great to know that, isn't it.

    How is the sock yarn blanket coming along? What size needles are you using?

  2. Let us not diminish how much effort a few rows of sock blanket requires! Im settling in for a snowy day and have 3 movies to watch. Wall-E, my son assures me I will love it , and two other silly movies