vrijdag 14 november 2008

A sweater finished

Somehow I had to knit this sweater... I started it on the 11th in a k 2 p 2 rib and finished it today. It contains 12.620 stitches. I used 175 grams (approximately 460 meters) of a local acrylic yarn. But Wietse finds it comfortable.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh the wee boy is so cute, love the wee sweater, gorgeous colour... Joan in Scotland

  2. OH Wietse blogs are ....the BEST. He is so adorable. He's lucky to have a clever knitting mom! I love the color on him. Great job Bianca! On the boy and the sweater

  3. Wietse is the cutest thing in the world and so is the sweater!
    Love the colorway of the socks