vrijdag 28 november 2008

A little bit of... free time!

as it was a weird week. My lamp (the one that stands in my knitting corner) "gave up", as a little hand had pulled too hard and the plug broke. We had to buy a new plug, but for a couple of evenings it was too dark to knit anything. Johan fixed the lamp yesterday, by daylight.

I enjoyed it though, spending some free time. Also my computer time was limited... the boys were early at home from school the entire week... and today they are getting their reports. Steven is expecting a "bad one", and Jouke does not worry at all.

Alexa had a good time this week on her school - she gave some lessons and had a good talk with her mentors. Next week she has 4 days of school in Leiden, and one in Zoetermeer. Friday should be fun... Sinterklaas Day.

December promises to become a busy month... I hope to finish the blanket by the end of December for Wietse's bed. Gee... I have to start knitting some blocks!

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