zaterdag 27 september 2008


One finished pair of socks, claimed by Alexa, and the sock on the second photo is also done. I am working on its mate... Alexa ordered some sock yarn, as she rather walks into hand knit socks, compared to the thin stuff you can buy in the stores. The above pair is done in Opal Prisma, and the other pair in Trekking XXL, colour 301 (Spring) I am also almost done with a sweater in yellow for Wietse. Have to finish both for October 1st, as there are some projects scheduled for that month.

Still...I feel that the day is not long enough to finish what I have in mind... not to mention all the patterns that need to be put into the computer. I'm afraid that has to wait a little while...

For now I have some cleaning up to do... Steven is working in the garden, and we ran into delays when getting our groceries. (long, boring story) So no rest for the wicked yet!

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