maandag 15 september 2008


Blue Faced Leicester on the wheel... but no time to spin today. I need to go shopping - underwear for hubby, packs and bubble enveloppes as I have to ship a few things this week. The weekend was pretty relaxed although Johan saw his free day disappear - but we are used to that. Wietse is asleep...can you imagine - he has been keeping me awake since 2 this morning and hardly slept at all.

I still need to photograph the fingerless gloves... they turned out really well. I am teasing Yannick a bit I guess, she is so curious!

Alexa had SMS'ed...the bus she was traveling in got a flat... she made school in time though.

Tomorrow we'll be gone to Drachten, to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. She is going to be 78.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Mom's Birthday! Mine is almost the same age. We are soooo lucky to stillhave them with us. Many more!

  2. Hope you've a great day in drachten and woman you've made a great spinning thread over there. It's very even and you're doing just fine!!! And you're not only teasing yannick but also all the others who look every day on your blog to find out if you've posted that fingerless gloves tease ;o)

    Take care.
    valeria :o)

  3. That looks like so much fun.. My mom has one of those things standing at home for decoration, never entered my mind to USE it.. hehe..

    I'm SO impressed by everyone who knows how to spin.. spinn... ih.. too tired to type correctly.. hehe