vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

Absolutely wrong...

I had to smile...couldn't resist. I am working on a rug for the floor - all crocheted. The last time I made one in acrylic and it has proven to be a very nice one. Wietse is playing on it often, and it serves its purpose well. But this rug will be made out of feltable wool. Thin and thick combined, home spun or otherwise. Jouke's first spun thread went in it. Alexa's first spun went in it. And I recently found a few thin colours that I combined. As Alexa came home this afternoon and she saw me working on it, she said: "Mom... this is so absolutely wrong!" I looked at her and she saw the question marks. "Yes, the red, purple and pink combined. So wrong! But I like it, hahaha!" These colours are not visible yet on the photo... will make a new one soon.

I have a couple of months to let the rug grow though... Alexa wants it as a Sinterklaas present. Wonderful...kids, no matter how old they are.

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  1. Leuk dat kleed, viel me al op dat kleed dat er al ligt in je kamer. Inderdaad best leuk om weer eens de haaknaald ter hand te nemen nietwaar??? ;-)