donderdag 17 juli 2008


...and I am feeling for him. Last Tuesday was Jouke's last day of school, so the first day of his Summer Vacation should have been a good one. But he was not feeling well, saw a little pale, but he did went outdoors to play with his friends.

Still, just a few seconds after I went to bed I heard strange noises. Took a look and saw him there, my son... being so sick. I felt just as miserable as he... cleaned up the mess and slept for just a few hours. Ah well...

I hope he'll feel better when he gets out of bed, although he has to make sure to take it very easy today.

On the knitting front... I am working on socks again... with white wool. Am about to turn the heel of the first one... photos will follow soon.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Feel better Jouke!!! I hope that will help you feel better too Bianca! Hugs for you!

  2. It's no fun to be sick! Get well soon.

    PS I love those mittens from a few posts back