zondag 8 juni 2008

Life is a lemon...

and I want my money back. (LOL) It is truely strange how things go, and can take over life completely, Yuk, to be honest, as now I have to catch up. First I got one sick. Then one with surgery on toes, then one in an accident. She is terribly bruised all over, due to the fact that a car driver opened his door, and she could not avoid the door anymore. She had made a nasty fall and her body hurt - ah well everything hurt. But what can I say? As mom you can't do more than your best...to try and take away the pain...

So, on my project list for tomorrow I have to write a note to my Mystery swap partner, as well as on the Sockathon Swap partner. Their boxes came in, but the health of my kids was and still is more important. I am so sorry for the delay on that, but hope you will understand.

I have to catch some extra sleep...oh my! I have a bad morning temper and that is something my children don't like. Can you imagine that someone once said that I am not flexible enough? Well... he was wrong. Mom's are the most flexible people in the world, they have a job 24/7.

Ah well... different subject: Skeins Her Way has a contest and asks for the summer goals. Here are mine:

1. Write my two swap partners tomorrow
2. get some rest
3. Design a pair of socks for an upcoming swap
4. Design a Holiday Stocking for the Sockathon group
5. Post pictures on my blog from a few FO's that are waiting
6. Play along in Summer of Socks and Socks a Month 6
7. I have an idea pending for mittens or socks... am not sure, so have to work it out
8. Work on knitted gifts for December

I think that would be enough for the moment...hehehe.
Photos etc are coming soon!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so sorry Bianca! It has been a round bit for you. Many hugs and some dog kisses. You and your kids are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all quick healing.

  2. My goodness Bianca, you need some good naps. GLad to see they are on your list. Im working on some CHristmas gift knitting now! IT is fun to think I am getting a bit ahead

  3. Wow! I'm sorry things are going so horrible for you. I'll send Reiki to your kids if you would like and plenty of prayers too. *hugs* please take care of yourself.