maandag 4 februari 2008

February already

Well... let us start with a contest: The Shizknit is having one to celebrate the 100th post. I stumbled on her blog by accident, so pay her a visit and don't hesitate to mention that I sent you. LOL!

I've been under the weather in the past couple of days... achoo with the flu. Wietse also was sick, and that takes a lot of energy. But this morning we felt better and went out for a walk.

Knitting...not much for this past week. Being sick is not stimulating for knitworks. But that will change for sure as I have a couple of things that are soon finished.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I sympathize with your being sick. I'm home with it today and I'd actually rather be at work cause then I wouldn't be sick.

    I hope you had a lovely walk!

  2. I sympathize also. I've been slowed down in replying to all the lovely comments on my blog-versary post by something or other in my respiratory system. So here is my belated thanks for stopping by the other day.