dinsdag 8 januari 2008


I was just surfing... and saw these needles - at least the top of them. I think they are cute...(LOL! Now I know what to ask for my birthday in February!)

Schools started after the Christmas Vacation and I have been spinning with my drop spindle bits by bits in the past two days. Have been working on several knitting things as well - but I can't show photos yet. I have three sweaters on the go, a pair of mittens, and a pair of socks. Two out of five are almost done - so I hope to post photos soon.

Jouke's knee is doing better - though I still think it is a nasty wound. Yesterday I did something different for a change - I read a play - more than 1000 poetic lines in aa bb cc scheme - sometimes with internal rhyme. The play was not boring to read, though it was written in old Dutch. Absolutely fun. The title: Warenar - autor: PC Hooft

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