donderdag 10 januari 2008


One reason to sit with the foot on the table...the other foot is hidden LOL! Finished socks to show... I finished this pair on Saturday. It is done in Regia Canadian Colours and the pattern will be featured in February as Sockathon Sock of the Month.

I can also cross this one off my list of gifts.

New things to knit - update of January list:

1 pair of socks for my husband (March 13)

1 pair of socks for my youngest son (March 20)

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  1. Hello from your Secret Swap Partner! Those are great. The bright colors are fabulous. The mitts from the last post are pretty too! They probably feel good to have in the cool weather.

  2. Well I think I have to make something too for march.
    My DH and younger daughter , they have same birthday ( 2nd march) and, she has just started ballet.
    So something to go with pink, at least.

  3. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  4. I wish I could edit the comments. I thought you hadn't posted much in December, but I see it was a parade of socks. So I must just have not been very talkative. I've been visiting your blog since you entered my contest way back in November. Crazy that I never made any comments. I usually open my mouth at least once or twice.

    The new socks are very cool.

  5. Hello. Your World Yarn Swap friend in Ravelry her. Lovely socks in great bright colours. I'm just taking a look in your blog, and wow you have made a lot of great stuff.