woensdag 26 december 2007

A weird Christmas Day

Right after my husband came home from church with my two oldest children
electricity fell out. Poof! That was the second time within a week, as it happened on the 17th for the first time...(it seems to become a tradition in Lansingerland... )
Four hours later the lights went back on... so I had to get out of bed, to turn the lights off.
And a few hours later we had another misfortune. My two sons went out to the playground behind our house, to play with the ball. Jouke made an unfortunate sliding and hurt his left knee. We had to go to the hospital with him as the knee looked dirty - it was a big wound.
The doctor did her work well - but the result is that he has six stitches in his knee - and has to hold his leg still for a couple of days. Tomorrow I have to call my own doctor if he can pay a visit to our home - he has to check the wound for infections.

Ah well... :-)

Love, Bianca

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  1. Oh bianca, i'm sorry. I hope that everything will be fine soon and no infections. Happy 3th christmasday ;)Hopefully with!! electricity :s