dinsdag 11 december 2007


It seems we're falling in a "gap" at the moment. After Pakjesavond we had a strange week. Everybody except my husband got ill - as there was an ugly flu going round. Wietse got a major asthma attack. It took me a couple of nights to get him back on track. I tried to get some medications for him, but failed, as the doctor was not planning to subscribe - she said: "scientifically it is not proven that these medications are working". Ok... prove me wrong, as I have two older sons with asthma, and I am having experience with these medications. It helped them. I am not stupid or so, but her refusal forced me to do it all by myself. And what is the result? One unhappy baby, refusing to eat and refusing to sleep. Mom having a sore throat, voice lost and tired, due to sleepless nights. I am not made of stone!

Ok... forgive my complaining mood.
What is happening on the knitting front? I've been working on tiny things, which I will show later - as it is a surprise for someone. Now I am working on a sock pattern for Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns and hopefully will get it ready before the end of the week. In the same time I am working on the second sock in Panda Wool (see picture in previous post) as I found the first one very comfortable. We're well on our way in building Friendly Socks book 3 and I have a couple of other things on the go as well.

On the other hand, the coming weeks will be exciting as well - my husband has to go up for exams tomorrow, and next week...

Now... where are my Christmas decorations? I'm glad the gift giving stuff is done for this year - have to send just a few things out and then I am done for this year.
I'm also expecting a few things to come in...it sure was fun to swap in 2007.

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry to hear that the household is sick... not a fun time a year if you're busy trying to get healthy. Good wished to you and your family.

  2. That's terrible that everyone is sick and the doc isn't helping. I hope you all get better soon and enjoy the Season. :)

  3. Oh YOU are a goddess. You are always so encouraging. Im so sorry you all had such a tough week. Poor W.