donderdag 8 november 2007

the choice between darkness and light

Yep... we did not have an option but to choose. The lamps over the dinner table went out one by one; we tried to replace the lights individually but they popped out harder than we could buy new ones. It got expensive. And I don't have a money tree in my back yard. One lamp out of four was left and it started to look like it was giving up as well.

We went to Ikea in Delft yesterday to buy us a new lamp. Actually two. We also replaced a poor working light in the boys' bedroom. So now we're ready for dark winter evenings with a sea of light...saving engergy in the same time.

I can easily knit darker pieces now in the evenings... couldn't see it before. So another plus :-)

I have a small dillemma...
Yesterday I jotted down a two colour fair isle pattern in my note book. Can't show you the design yet, but my initial idea is to work it into:
mittens or a hat
or into a sweater series for the boys.
The problem is that the pattern can be read horizontal or vertical.

My questions:
How would you "read"?
What would you like to knit?
And if you would choose for the boys sweaters, what colours would you choose?
(I have 3 boys to knit for... 1 almost 14, 1 is 11 and our youngest is almost 8 months)

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  1. Hi Bianca,

    I don't understand what you mean with reading the horizontal or vertical. I read charts from the bottom line up and from right to left.

    For the boys sweater: For the 14 and the 11 year old I'd chose either brown or blue. Depending on their cloth either a medium colour combined with a lighter or with a darker colour. No white or black but maybe a light and a medium blue or medium and dark blue / wooly white or a light brown combined with a medium brown.
    For the youngest: The more colours from the rainbow you can use the better, combined with pure white. Imagine the Kauni Rainbow colours with white.

    What would I like to knit? - mittens or a hat, I want to have warm ears and fingers when using the bike in the morning and evenig...

    Best wishes,

  2. i read horizontal, depending on what it is for bottom up or top down ;-)
    hats, mittens, sweater, and they are after me for socks...durable can go with hand knit, right?

    colours my boys like: blue, grey, green, black, red. no white. they are BOYS. it will not stay white very long.

  3. I guess most times I read a pattern horizontally. Colors...hmmm...lots of boys are buying olives, bronzy colors and deep reds at the shop this time of year. If I could knit anything right now it would be a hat 'cuz my ears are cold in the morning. Can't wait to see what you are making for us next! :)

  4. I read charts horizontally.

    Boys sweaters - red and green, blue and green, blue and white.

    Have a great day!

  5. hello,
    my understanding of your horizontal or vertical is that the design picture looks different from up/down than it does from left/right.
    that is a virtue frankly.

    what i would do:
    1. is the design to be a 'secret'?
    if not, i would ask the boys who are old enough to talk, lol, and let them decide for themselves.
    same with the colors as that will make it even more special than the love of you making it...

    2. i personally would mix the design in the work and have one band horizontal and one vertical, even if it takes a few sts at center back to balance out the stitch count.
    i love the way things look when you show dark on light, and flip it to light on dark.

    3. i am sometimes bored with blue and brown for boys. Al loves purples and teals, but he is a pisces, and he also loves black and white.
    for a fire sign - aries/leo/sag
    the colors are yellow/gold/red, with white
    for an earth sign - taurus/virgo/capricorn, use brown, green, earthy tones
    for air - blues, but also a splash of another color
    for water - teals and watery colors, but that can include purples too.

    perhaps you could make a game of looking at colors on line for the boys.

    blessings, :L,

  6. Hi Bianca

    Two color sounds do able to me. I'd like to knit it in the round.

    Your mail sounds really exciting and fun lately.