zaterdag 16 juni 2007

Sometimes things go in a different way...

Sometimes things are going in a different way than I would have liked them to go. I frogged a part of the dress and knitted the back of the dress again on needles size 4mm (instead of 4.5 mm) It suits better and the back is ready now. (Photos are following soon) I am short in yarn for the dress and notified T about it.

Alexa passed her exams and graduated for the HAVO. Her grades are to be proud of. She heard the news on Thursday and yesterday we celebrated! From her boss she received an enormous bouquet of flowers today - so sweet!

My husband and I went shopping today - for shoes! We succeeded and bought several different things. I am also working on the last parcel in SP 10 - have to wait for a few things that will arrive next week, then I can mail it out and focus on the bottle swap that has a due date of July 14.

The photos have a little delay - our computer has a few problems and we have to reinstal Windows to make it work properly again.

The weather here is variable; a mix of sun, rain and thunder.

My sock pal's socks: I had to frog them. The pattern I created was too large for the skein of Regia that I had. I tried to order an extra one, but alas... sold out. I have to redo them in another skein, probably Opal.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. My hubby had an early family Father's Day gift - and he was truely happy with it. And our Wietse is "working on his teeth" as we say here - his teeth are bothering him and from time to time he is really crying. But after mom's comfort he usually is happy.

On the needles:
the front part of the dress
a pair of socks

3 opmerkingen:

  1. So sorry to hear you had to frog the socks but it sounds like everything else is going well!

    your Sockapalooza pal

  2. Well you have much more patience than I. Frogging so saddens me. THe dress will be wonderful however and I cannot wait to see it coming along. Is there a pattern I can see while I wait?

    Happy Fathers Day to you too. We'll be spending ours quietly, later to my fathers. I cooked the meal is typical chicago weather for june now. STEAM heat. 90's . Unbearable to turn on the oven. BUt for my dad, I did. 4 hours to cook his beloved brisket. I don't mind. Anything beats March in Chicago.

  3. I've been living at the frog pond as well. Hope things get back on track soon so you can finish your sock and dress! :)