zondag 24 december 2006

A quick message

For some reason I did not get the chance to blog a short note. My second SP9 parcel came in - thank you so much for the Christmas goodies and yarn. Wonderful colours and these will be used to spoil myself for a change :-)

The package to my SP is sent as well - a tad late due to several reasons, but it is on its way.

It seems we have to deal with sickness here - my husband is down with a nasty flu and my youngest was also not feeling well. We'll stay at home this Christmas, and will only go out to go to church - tonight around midnight we hope to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In between I am knitting a few rows, am knitting the second sock of a test knit - the pattern is one I truely like.

Photos will follow soon though - I had to get batteries for the camera first, and will upload them after the Christmas days.

Have a blessed Christmas, and take care!

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