zaterdag 11 november 2006

Thank you secret Pal

I tried to update by blog this week, but Blogger did not allow me to. I received a parcel from my Secret Pal - in it I found four beautiful skeins of green Merino and a package of TimTams. These chocolate cookies came with a note on how to eat them. We tried - it was sure fun and the kids had a ball with it :-) I am planning to use the green Merino to knit a sweater for the baby ;-)

I have been knitting too - was working on a pattern again for a pair of mittens and I have to draw the pattern out so people can read it off a colour chart. Then translate into English... and I might even give it a shot, to submit my pattern to a magazine. I'll keep you posted!

1 opmerking:

  1. I'm glad you like the yarn and the cookies! Good to hear the kids enjoyed it, too. (Hi, kids!)

    Your Secret Pal